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The Challenge:

Come join in the fun! You have an opportunity to solve a problem through engineering design. Engineering design is the way that humans provide technological solutions for their wants and needs. Carry out your design using the information provided. Develop your design based on your brainstorming ideas. 

Your challenge is to design and fabricate a protective device for an egg. When the device is dropped from a specified height, the egg remains unharmed. No cracks, no scrambled eggs!

Grades 3-6: Eggs will be dropped from a height of 25 ft.
Grades 7-12: Eggs will be dropped from a height of 40 ft.

Official Rules for the Challenge


  2. Size: Must fit in a box with the dimensions of: 1 ft. x 1 ft. x 1ft. maximum

  3. The entire device must be dropped from the drop height. Your egg cannot be lowered on a string, bungee cord or tether.

  4. Not allowed: motorized parts, powdered soap, flammable substances, glass, any substance that may cause harm to a person or property, or food of any kind.

  5. No recovery systems allowed. (streamers, parachutes, balloons, etc)

  6. One model per student.

  7. The egg container must be designed so the egg can be easily placed in the device on the day of the challenge.

  8. A marked egg, inside a plastic sandwich bag, will be provided at the time of the contest. You must be able to secure the egg in the container within a 10-minute timeframe. 

All eggs devices MUST be checked in between the hours of 9am - 10am

Egg Drop Begins at 10:30am